• Modular lines
    Modular lines

    The lines are modular and fit into a container and are ready for operation on site. Depending on the contamination of the material, the necessary modules can be added.

  • 100% cleanliness
    100% cleanliness

    Friction during the washing process guarantees 100% surface cleanliness.


Due to its technological features and its modular configuration, it is also interesting for waste sorting plants to improve the separation of different types of materials and even for converters (e.g. for ink disposal).

Hydrodyn offers a washing system that differs significantly from conventional systems, being able - thanks to the regulated friction system - to reach up to 100% of the surface of the material to be purified.


This is achieved through a combination of friction and hydrodynamic effects in which both sides of the flakes are washed with spectacular cleaning results.


The configuration of the Hydrodyn lines is modular, and the necessary modules (all container-sized and ready to install) can be added depending on the degree of contamination of the material to be processed. Water and energy consumption are comparatively much lower than those of other manufacturers of similar washing lines.

Hydrodyn also offers washing or purification units that can be integrated into existing systems where, for whatever reason, the desired levels are not reached.

Another great advantage is that the resulting clean material has a very low residual moisture content so that it can be granulated on any of NGR's post-consumer recycling lines such as F-Gran or X Gran. Of course, we can also adapt to the existing regranulators in the different plants. 

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