• Retractable Effect Film
    Retractable Effect Film

    Machinery for the manufacture of shrink film with high tear resistance for the packaging of bottle packs, cans, briks and others.

Unlike the Reifenhäuser Blowfilm division, POLYREMA is more focused on small-sized lines (monolayer and small widths), with interesting laboratory equipment and blown film extrusion specialties such as the processing of biodegradable and water-soluble materials and now, after the acquisition of PLAMEX, Waterquenching lines for lamination films with very high transparency and brightness ratios as well as multi-bubble for the manufacture of for example artificial gut or other films for feeding. 


Its main fields would therefore be:

  • Lines of small dimensions and laboratory with results perfectly extrapolated to production processes
  • Processing of biodegradable and water soluble materials
  • Compounding in line with blown film thanks to twin screw extruders
  • Waterquenching for high gloss and transparent feeding films and medical applications
  • Double and multi-bubble for food packaging such as artificial gut.
  • Ultra Stretch Plus - Stretching equipment both to improve flatness and to stretch the film up to 50%
  • Retrofitting existing lines

Tell us what products you want to manufacture or what markets you want to enter and we will configure the appropriate installation so that from the first moment it is competitive in it and can also be flexible enough to manufacture several products in the same line. ¡Contact us!

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