• Multilayer Film
    Multilayer Film

    Machinery for the manufacture of multilayer films up to 9 layers with barrier effect for the food industry and for adequate food storage.

  • Shrink effect film
    Shrink effect film

    Machines for the production of shrink film with a high tear resistance for the packing of bottle packs, cans, cartons, etc.

  • Agristretch film
    Agristretch film

    Machines for agristretch film for straw silage bales in the agricultural sector with high productivity and high performance.

  •  Protection film
    Protection film

    Machinery for the production of surface protection film such as LCD screens, aluminum profiles, lacquered metal etc. to meet the high demands of today’s market.

Invitation Open House Reifenhäuser Blown Film

We are pleased to announce that our partner Reifenhäuser Blown Film will open its doors at the headquarters in Troisdorf (Germany) during the trade fair Drupa 2016. The event will be held on 6 and 7 June 2016 from 10:30am to 03:00pm.

Following the motto “Rethinking” we will present the latest applications for the blown film market. Do not miss the opportunity to see...

Reifenhäuser Blown Film requests patent for “EVOLUTION Ultra Flat”

High quality film at maximum production speeds – a contradiction?

With the new take-off system EVOLUTION Ultra Flat it is now possible to achieve film with perfect flatness, preventing curling and camber effects (lateral deviation of the film) without renouncing high production speed.

This innovation of Reifenhäuser Blown Film which is supposed to receive the patent soon and naturally adaptable to all lines of the EVOLUTION series, provides improvements in the quality of the film itself regarding flatness, but it especially improves the quality and increases the speed in printing and lamination.

These advantages have been proven during exhaustive tests at manufacturers of flexo presses like COMEXI but also at the factories of our film-converter-customers and in collaboration with institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute.

Please contact us for details of the results or to obtain more information about the EVOLUTION Ultra Flat.

Calcium Carbonat improves Blown film properties – Direct extrusion with mineral fillers

The most effective way to increase productivity and performance as well as to improve the mechanical properties of blown film, is to add calcium carbonate during the production process of blown film. A recent developed technology now makes possible to add CaCO3 powder directly.

For more information about this technology, we invite you to read the attached article of our partner Reifenhäuser Blown Film which was published in the German magazine for plastic “Kunststoffe international 1-2/2015”. 

Reifenhäuser Kiefel News August 2013


The new RQS-Shop, the virtual shop from Reifenhäuser Kiefel

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